Flat Hopper

Bite-Sized Portions Not Served Here.


I remember how it started.

My mom with single-minded intent to upgrade our home, scoured through condo after condo, dragging my sister and I along. I knew nothing about real estate then, but the prospect of getting my own room, and one that was not orange, filled a young me with much purpose. We eventually moved and I got the room I wanted, but the flat-hoping continued, many years on.

J & I carry on this quirky tradition as we too scour Singapore for a place of our own. And it has been interesting times for our apartment therapy. Condos are sprouting across the island, luxury is the new norm and investors point towards Hong Kong to justify inflated local property prices. We are certainly not complaining, home shopping has inspired us, pushed us to dream and dream big.

Somewhere out there there is a tiny (hopefully not too tiny) place where we can say “Home Tweet Home” and definitely one for you too. Meanwhile as we comb the classifieds and show-flats, this blog is a little repository of our unbiased views on Singapore’s property market. Enjoy.


Written by L

December 1, 2009 at 9:34 am

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