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Review: Miro

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Need To Know
1 Lincoln Road
District 11
Land Tenure Freehold
Units 128 in 32 Storeys
Expected TOP Dec 31, 2014
Developers Far East Organization
Facilities Lap Pool, Spa & Massage, Indoor / Outdoor Gym, BBQ Deck, Landscaped Sky Terraces

Unit Types
1 Bedroom Lofts min 990 sqft
2 Bedroom Lofts
min 1,173 sqft
3 Bedroom Lofts min 1,614 sqft
4 Bedroom Lofts min 2,852 sqft
Penthouse 1 unit, min 5,877 sqft

Sales Info
Sales Open Aug 2008
Average PSF $1,650 @ Dec 1, 2009

With the launch of the first HDB lofts at Dawson (and hopefully more to come), I thought this should be the time to finally review Miro by Far East Organisation – One of my all-time favourite showflats.

Miro, Spanish for ‘To Look At‘ is a unique project in that all its units are lofts. You can expect 6 m high ceilings in the loft area, all glass from floor to ceiling and a layout that really maximises the space. I know I totally went gaga. The 2 and 3 bedroom showflats were gorgeous and while I don’t often agree with marketing speak, they did remind me of amazing Spanish apartments I had seen on Apartment Therapy.

I don’t have all the details of the units at the Miro. I walked in for the first time this August, a year after Miro was first previewed, by then most of the units up to the 20th floor have already been sold and Far East are hoarding the rest till TOP in 2014. And I don’t really want to go into that anyway, not when the lofts are just so impressive.

The Loft.

The 2 bedroom units are about 1,170 sqft with the 2nd bedroom on the lower loft and the master bedroom suite on the 2nd floor with a view overlooking the living and dining areas. The showflat featured neutral colours and a classy interior with a particularly clever touch: side lighting on the TV partition wall. I thought the partition that secludes the entrance to the master is really cool, and just gives this air of privacy to the upstairs living quarters. In one of the showflats, the door was made to look the same as the wallpaper, so it looked like the hidden entrance you I always wanted as a kid.

View From Above

The upstairs is all for you. And that’s a really nice idea. The upper floor is a little apartment of its own complete with walk-in closet and a balcony. And it is a good thing that it is private, because in an effort to make the space seem larger, the bath area is completely glass. This is a somewhat common feature of new Far East condos but is better laid out in Miro where the sunken shower is tucked in the corner of the master rather than awkwardly in the middle.

A Pity You Can’t See The Daring Bathroom

The Lowdown
I think the Miro lofts are fabulous and I am a big fan. But if you are looking to buy a loft here’s the most important thing you should know:

You PAY for the double volume space, i.e. the 2nd floor loft area above the living and dining room. In a 2 bedroom apartment, that is almost 12.5% of the overall floor area. Inclusive of the balconies and planters, that’s a loss of about 23% of the internal floor area. To put that space in perspective, at $1,650 psf, that comes up to $445,500 or almost the price of a 4 bedroom loft at the SkyTerrace @ Dawson.

A Very Sobering Thought

Considering the costs, lofts are designed for personal stays and not really wise investments. Developers building loft units have to cut down on non-usable space to make the unit more affordable to buyers, and I believe Far East has done a good job with this one. Also because it is priced at $1,650 psf, Miro is relatively cheaper than its neighbours in the Newton area. Unfortunately most of the units have already been sold. However I think you can get similar units at Cyan along Bukit Timah Road where the layout would be similar.

If you are dreaming of a loft and can only afford a HDB, well good news to you! The SkyTerrace @ Dawson offers 65 loft units but the sheer number of applications means that the odds are stacked against you. As Han Solo says, “Never tell me the odds” so apply by 28th December at HDB and may the Force be with you. 


Written by L

December 21, 2009 at 9:04 pm

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